Life is a Twist

Discover the Story Behind 'Hayat Bir Alem'

In 2005, I, Ömür Yanıkoğlu, scored 90 out of 100 in Probability Theory at Ondokuz Mayıs University, taught by an esteemed Azerbaijani professor. Celebrating this academic milestone, I created the handle 'hayatbiralem'.

Sharing this unique handle with English-speaking colleagues later became a hurdle, as it was difficult to remember and pronounce. This prompted the creation of 'Life is a Twist' — an easily memorable portal that captures and clarifies its adventurous spirit.

And about that photo? It’s me and my wife celebrating our anniversary, years later—a delightful twist, since it's not about the class victory!

If you're ready, let's go to theHayatBirAlem.comwhich includes all of my channels!